Getting your next legal job in Canada

There are some lawyers who get every single job that they apply for ... regardless of their qualifications as a law candidate.  They see a legal job ad and they apply for the lawyer job and get a call from a in house recruiter.  Most candidates do not even get an interview with the law firm for the lawyer position.  There are often hundreds of applicant lawyers submitting their CV for the legal role. 

When you apply for your next legal job as a lawyer, law clerk or legal assistant you should remember that the interviewer will focus on 5 basic questions:

  1. Is it possible for you to do the legal work?
  2. Are you actually interested in the legal job?
  3. How will you fit with the law firm or in house culture?
  4. Will you be able to be managed by the partners?
  5. How long will you work at the legal job?

If you are a lawyer, law clerk or legal assistant you should focus your answers on addressing these important legal considerations.  Most important is to review the law job positing and apply your job inquiry on these points. Most legal job candidates cannot effectively answer these questions.