Get A Handle on Legal Recruiting

Get A Handle on Legal Recruiting


When firms and companies make a decision on who to hire, the legal recruitment of an individual is paramount. If a law firm is seeking a new hire, lawyer, law clerk or legal assistant … getting the right individual matters. It can getting tricking for the hiring manager when considering that some lawyer “just interview well.” Making a choice based on established employment criteria is the most important step that can be taken. Setting out a plan ensures that the best legal talent is both attracted and hired.

The person responsible for the legal hire must look for the very best lawyer or staff throughout the legal recruitment process. The individual should look at several criteria .. where the person went to law school, ability to work with others, and proper work ethic. In order to determine these criteria, the hiring manager should ask:

– Where did you attend law school?

  • Why did you enter the legal profession?

– How does your legal practice fit in the bigger picture of law in this country?


  • What made you decide to adopt your practice area? (Corporate law, Estates law)?