Senior Legal Course Specialist

  • University of British Columbia
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jan 10, 2021
Full time Lawyer (Public Sector) Law School Faculty Law School Staff

Job Description

Staff - Non Union


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Job Title

Senior Legal Course Specialist



Senior Course Specialists | Real Estate Licensing Education | UBC Sauder School of Business


Compensation Range

$6,254 - $9,009 CAD Monthly


Posting End Date

January 1, 2021


Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.


Job End Date


Job Summary


The position is responsible for the planning, development, assessment and delivery of the Division’s education programs. The position is integral to the Division’s overall strategic vision, and in particular, this position contributes directly in the creation of the legal curricular content of the Division’s courses and is responsible for all legal aspects involved in developing policies, systems and organizational practices related to the Division’s licensing education and examination operations. As one of the Division’s legal content subject matter experts, the position retains, provides instructions to and supervises the work of external legal counsel and instructors and reviews legal documents and materials for accuracy and for conformity with industry practices and British Columbia and Canadian law.


Typical additional responsibilities include conducting curriculum reviews and needs assessments; consulting with clients to determine their educational needs, and developing new or redesigning existing programs to meet those needs; collaborating with instructional support units and curriculum developers to facilitate the delivery of the Division’s educational programs; participating in market research to identify potential educational programming opportunities; recruiting instructors; conducting instructional design research and analyses; and, assisting in developing marketing plans for the Division’s educational programs.

Organizational Status


Reports to the Director and works with editors, tutors and graders, as well as various full- and part-time staff involved in academic operations, course and examination production and delivery.

Work Performed


Academic Operations – the position is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of the Division’s courses and examinations. Responsibilities include conducting needs assessments and consulting with external stakeholders to identify new and existing curricular requirements and providing academic support in the development and production of program offerings. This position is responsible for contracting with and managing consultant contributors and manages related functions of the Division’s internal textbook production and delivery teams. The position advises summer and part-time tutors on academic issues, provides tutorial instruction and responds to student enquiries as required or which go beyond part-time tutor capabilities, and edits and writes new course and examination materials where expertise is appropriate.


Program Development - the position plans, develops and implements educational policies for the successful operation of the Division’s numerous programs and their related examinations, balancing the need for customer-focused student services with maintaining the academic and regulatory integrity and security of the programs. The position conducts instructional design research and analyses, and develops and redesigns programs and policies, systems and organizational practices to meet educational and organizational goals.


Student Relations – the position is a key part of the Division’s complex public relations activities and acts as a content expert and academic advisor to a wide range of students, and includes addressing academic, regulatory and equity policy issues with students and stakeholders. The position carries a critical conflict resolution mandate, and requires in-depth knowledge of program content, education technology, and an understanding of the competitive, political and regulatory environment within the real estate industry in Canada and abroad. It also requires a specific knowledge of the licensure, enforcement and regulatory issues related to the educational programs of regulatory organizations and of the specific policies applicable to the Division’s various programs.

Consequence of Error/Judgement


This position makes decisions regarding the Real Estate Division’s program administration and curriculum design. As such, decisions in this area have both immediate and long-term impacts on the operating results of the organization. In playing a key role respecting the development of programs for important clients such as the Real Estate Council of BC, the British Columbia Financial Services Authority, and the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission, poor decisions by this person would have significant and permanently negative effects on the Faculty’s and the University’s reputation and may result in the loss of economic opportunities and of profitability. Decisions made regarding curriculum, program structure, and delivery have a direct impact on students’ ability to learn, on their ability to meet academic and professional licensing requirements, and ultimately on their ability to become active members of the real estate industry and supporters of the Faculty.

Supervision Received


The position works under broad directives set by the Director and Associate Director, and is expected to exhibit considerable autonomy in pursuing the strategic vision of the Division. Work is reviewed with respect to adherence to broad policies and progress towards goals. The position consults with the Director and Associate Director, who provide direction, input and advice on course development, strategy, financial matters, and policy issues.

Supervision Given

Responsible for overseeing the workflow of both internal and external authors and legal counsel, editors, tutors and graders, as well as various full- and part-time staff involved in academic operations, course and examination production and delivery.


Master’s degree in Education. Minimum of six years of related experience, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Requires a law degree and membership in good standing or eligibility for membership in the Law Society of British Columbia. Education experience an asset but not essential. A minimum of 6 years of experience as a practicing lawyer is preferred, including experience both in private practice and in an institutional or corporate environment. The position requires a broad-based knowledge of the law with experience in real estate contracts, leasing and agency law being especially desirable.


This position requires an in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework of the real estate industry in Canada and abroad. Candidates must possess exceptionally strong written and oral communication and interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to operate strategically in a complex competitive environment. The position requires an ability to simultaneously manage a diverse range of complex projects and activities.


May require some travel within and outside Canada.

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