Law Clerk, Complaints & Compliance

  • The Law Society of Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Jul 18, 2019
Full time Law Clerk

Job Description


The Law Clerk, Complaints & Compliance is responsible for providing accurate, timely and quality service to complainants, Law Society licensees, and members of the public. This includes preliminary investigation and development of complaints files, the resolution of some types of complaints, the processing of applications required under Law Society by-laws, the provision of information on various regulatory and law practice related issues including to other CSC/Law Society staff. The Law Clerk, Complaints & Compliance also contributes to the development and improvement of processes and procedures related to the department’s functions.  Please apply throught the Clear Legal Job Board.

  • A college diploma or university degree, or equivalent, plus a Law Clerk Certificate and membership in the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario or a licence with the Law Society.
  • 4 years’ experience working in a high volume, front line service department, preferably in a legal or professional regulatory environment including knowledge of ADR concepts and processes.
  • Commitment to delivering superior client service.
  • Solid understanding of the Law Society, including organizational structure, services, mandate, bylaws, rules, regulations and jurisdiction.
  • Knowledge of other legal resources and community based organizations.
  • Knowledge of legal concepts and processes as they relate to a law practice setting.
  • Knowledge of ADR concepts and processes.
  • Proficiency in word processing (including WORD), spreadsheets (including EXCEL), databases, AS400, e mail, and the Internet or Intranet.
  • Clear, concise and articulate verbal and written communication skills in order to compose correspondence, communicate detailed information and provide easy to understand explanations in an audience appropriate format.
  • Ability to reason through complex written and spoken information.


Client / Client Service Delivery  
Assists the Manager and team members in the effective delivery of timely, accurate and comprehensive service to Law Society constituents relating to department processes. Specifically:  
  • provides initial response and analysis related to complaints (walk ins, warm call transfers, written complaints) and initiates the opening of complaints files, including gathering information on previous and current licensee complaints and assessing the need for additional information;
  • makes preliminary determinations regarding the disposition of complaints, including jurisdictional issues, exercising judgment and organizational awareness in order to recognize and escalate potentially volatile or urgent complaints;
  • collaborates with other CSC and Law Society staff in order to exchange and verify information, as well as to improve work processes and procedures;
  • responds to complaints and inquiries that are not within the jurisdiction of the Law Society, explaining the reasons that the concerns cannot be addressed by the Law Society and works with the complainant and the licensee to resolve some types of complaints;
  • assists the Assistant Manager in conducting a first level review of good character issues for applicants;
  • reviews and approves applications required under the Law Society’s by-laws including those relating to multi-discipline partnerships, affiliations, and licensing, as well as practise permit processes such as Foreign Legal Consultants and occasional & temporary mobility;
  • identifies issues and forwards ideas to the Assistant Managers in support of any policy development or process changes needed to enhance efficiency and improve service standards;
  • preparing and maintaining department process training documentation; and
  • application and renewal form development, delivery and completion.
  • Collaborates with team members and staff in other departments and divisions, including Membership Services, Finance, Licensing, Professional Regulation, LawPRO, in securing additional information, coordinating activity or transferring escalated matters or requests.
Performance Goals, Targets and Standards  
  • Contributes to the development of, and meets or exceeds, individual service targets related to accuracy, timeliness and quality of service delivery.
  • Maintains high standards of accuracy and completeness related to complaints and application file documentation, including attendance and telephone conversation notes, correspondence, and supporting materials.
  • Contributes to departmental performance and tracking measures (statistics, service reports), and engages in continuous performance improvement (work processes, procedures, service opportunities) to optimize both individual and team performance.
Team Membership  
  • Is a proactive member of the Complaints & Compliance team, working closely with the department Law Clerks and Administrators, as well as the Management Team to ensure that information and knowledge regarding complaints processes and emerging issues are effectively exchanged, understood and utilized when completing transactions.


Service Orientation  
  • The requirement to maintain a high standard of commitment, ethics, respect, care in service delivery to clients (internal and/or external).
Communication and Interpersonal Skills  
  • The requirement to structure and deliver effective verbal and written communication with clients, staff, licensees, the public, and others in a non-threatening and constructive way.
Team Orientation  
  • The requirement to share responsibility for the achievement of team goals and the associated behaviours required for individuals to contribute effectively in a team environment.
Continuous Improvement  
  • The requirement to demonstrate an attitude that consistently strives to improve a standard of excellence for one’s self and for the benefit of the organization, its licensees and stakeholders.
Problem Solving and Judgement  
  • The requirement to identify and analyze problems, determine root causes, evaluate alternative solutions and take and/or recommend appropriate solutions.
Technical Competence / Professional Knowledge  
  • The requirement to apply knowledge and skills to carry out the work and/or provide advice. This also includes the quality of advice given, as well as the requirement to make decisions in the best interests of the organization as a whole.


4+ years