Writing a CV for your legal job search

When you draft your CV you are in fact creating a marketing tool. It should grow with you as you graduate law school, start a new job and begin your legal career. When you submit your CV to a law firm or company the HR director may spend a minute reviewing your legal skills. Within this minute, you must convince the employer not to reject your application. This is the most important part of your job search.

Please continue reading to review our guide to creating a powerful CV that reflects your legal skills and helps you get the best legal job possible.

Do you need to rewrite your CV…

There is no doubt about it. You can always make your CV better. As you meet with legal employers you will start to see where there are gaps and what can be clarified.

You should have someone else read your CV. Preferably another lawyer. Before you submit your CV to any legal job boards it should have no typos. A typo can demonstrate a lack of attention to details. Make sure that your CV best captures your legal accomplishments.

When you write your CV

Make a list!  Make sure that you make a list of all of your legal work experience, include your legal activities; legal clubs, legal associations, legal honours.

  • What specific examples of your legal work
  • What legal skills do you have?
  • What tasks or projects have you completed?
  • What accomplishments?

You should clarify your career goals before revising your CV and starting your legal job search.


Your CV should not exceed one page. You might have to make some omissions in your work experience or academic sections.

A Dynamic Document

Rewrite your CV during your legal education and your professional career. Invite friends, family members and classmates to look over your CV and offer suggestions.

Remember that your CV serves as to market you to prospective legal employers.